Tatami room

The word Tatami with Japanese origin refers to a surface where some activities take place in Japanese houses and where practices of martial arts occur. In other words, it is a peculiar floor.

It is a mat formed by straw strips. However, the tatami room has been modernized for centuries and, currently, you can find tatamis made up of synthetic materials.

There are certain characteristics by which a tatami is defined, and these are the following too:

Bamboo Igusa: this natural material is used for recovering and protecting the straw of rice, the tatami being formed by it.

Comfortability: in many of the houses, a tatami is defined due to its comfortability and warmth.

Due to this, occidental houses are starting to know about its existence and many people are beginning to plan on having a tatami room in their houses. It is becoming more and more frequent between kids in occidental countries they sleep in a tatami with a futon.

Big enterprises and companies manufacture tatamis on a principal base: bring security and relaxation to the customer. The care of tatami is important just as the necessity to maintain it clean so that bacteria and bugs don’t grow, due to it being a natural material. Enterprises count on guarantees in case that something occurs to them.

Formerly, tatamis could only be used by families who had enough money to afford them. Nowadays, the majority of Japanese ceremonies take place on top of tatamis, such as the tea ceremony.

Besides, judo and karate are both practiced over a tatami, where competitors compete.

The word tatami means “folded and stacked”. It is a peculiar way of naming an element very common in houses and it is due to the fact that it is built-in pieces that can be stacked.

The tatami room in houses acts as a platform to sit down, sleep, meditate, or walk. They aren’t easy to transport and most of them are built by people who are specialists in transporting them to houses.

There’s something very clear of a tatami: its comfort can’t be equalized.

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