Brief literature: Haiku poems

Haiku poems are the perfect way of transmitting the astonishing world of nature.

To start, it is a type of antique Japanese poem that is made up of three verses: the first contains 5 syllables, the second contains 7, and the third 5 again. Another of the requisites to create a Haiku poem is that it needs to make a reference to one of the four seasons of the year and it has to do with nature.

Haiku poems became popular in the XVII century, thanks to a teacher known as Bashö, who determined them as a form of expression of the Japanese Zen religion.

There are four key elements for the creation of a Haiku and they are the following:

Metric: Haikus are made up of three verses and in total there should be 17 syllables.

Kigo: A Kigo is determined as the season of the year chosen for the Haiku. It doesn’t mean that the name of the month or the season needs to be named, but instead, there could be some keywords that represent them such as fire, or leaves.

Nature: a crucial element for the creation of a Haiku

Creation of a feeling: haikus should attract the reader and make that they feel something. It is complicated to write a perfect Haiku with everything that it is required, as there aren’t just words needed but feeling and emotion too.

Besides, it is said that haiku are poems for life.

Haiku poems perform a key role: they must symbolize a peculiar thing as for example, the warmth of the sun explained in concrete words and that they transmit some kind of energy.

Many of the Haiku poets search for an admiring feeling and fascination for nature. However, it is common that frequently they talk about everyday life.

The different styles of haiku frequently, but tend to be between simplicity, subtle and austere. Finally, Haiku poems used to be followed by a representative illustration known as Haiga.

Currently, these poems are maintained on walls of houses with its illustration included.

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