Fusuma: interior sliding doors

The interior sliding doors are known as Fusuma. The term comes from Japanese architecture and they are known for looking like rectangles that slide from side to side to refine spaces.

The fusuma are built in factories and are transported to Japanese houses. Then, they are placed horizontally in the gap wanted by pillars and vertically through the floor. Its structure is held by a beam.

The separation of the pillars used varies depending on the size where they are places and concrete materials are used in order for the structure to lace. However, up until now, there can’t be pillars of a single piece.

Fusuma are sheets of thick paper that are bordered by beams or materials for it to hold. One sheet of fusuma measures between 1.70 and 2.20 meters in height. Its width is different as it varies between 90 and 140 cm. Besides, they have both doors flat, such as a normal door.

The structure of a fusuma is characterized by different elements. Firstly, a frame is constructed with adequate measures, and only two of the surfaces, lower and upper, have galces to engage the different rectangles. Moreover, horizontal and vertical slats are used to stiffen the doors.

With all this, the result is a perfect support and remains as plain cardboard.

Fusuma end up having an almost white surface, profiled with a black line. Some holes are made to the same paper in order to use them as a door handlebar.

In many of the fusuma geometric drawings or paintings can be found, such as meditating monks or historic battles. Great Japanese artworks are found in fusuma in palaces and temples.

In a Japanese house, the fusuma were posed as an important room in the living place where big ceremonies or celebrations occur.

For example, fusuma could be used as the principal dining room of the house as a welcoming symbol. These doors are very practical and easy to use.

It is important to highlight that these doors don’t filter noise, that is to say, from the outside, the majority of the things can be heard from the room.

The fusuma sliding doors would be most useful in your home giving it a completely oriental touch.

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