Zen as a form of life

The Zendo is the direct connection with nature. Zen Buddhism has always been a trend in the most traditional areas of Japan, such as Fukushima or Takayama. So much that, actually, it has inspired writers and artists. This has resulted in the Japanese knowing of its existence.

Zen Buddhism is one of the most powerful religions, followed by all Japanese people. Its main objective is to remove pain through renouncing their major wishes, achieving this way Nirvana or supreme inspiration. This art emerged in the VI century, but it soon expanded towards Asia, arriving in Japan.

The biggest characteristic of Buddhism is free thought. Its spiritual essence transmits so much inner peace that the god reflects personally in people, that is to say, each individual sees free and personalized their own god.

For the bast majority of Japanese, Zen is the key to Buddhis, as the word refers to the course of concentration of the mind on a single natural element. Since its origins in India and its expansion to China, it was said that this art tended to get directly to the hearts of men.

In addition, the wish of Zen is to achieve that all individuals can leave their pain behind and concentrate on the recovery of simplicity. Once arrived at this point, there is only one sensation left in the soul and body: the void. This sensation enriches the body and helps achieve the perfection of humans in a natural and spontaneous way.

Zen Buddhism is only practiced in one way, and it’s the following. Firstly, there must be a place in a room where natural light can enter and leave, possibly that faces a forest, river, or garden. The second step is to sit down as the antique Indians, crossing their legs one over the other one. Finally, concentrate on the breathing and the empty though, forgetting this way about any worries. Your gaze should be fixed on one thing, such as a tree slightly balancing from one side to the other or the constant fall of water to the river.

At first, it is difficult to achieve maximum tranquility and illumination. However, the key is in the experimentation of spiritual tranquility. Zendo is currently known as a form of life with benefits for people.

It is frequently said that Zen Buddhism isn’t a religion but a philosophy, that aims to achieve the positivity of each individual for being able to enhance the previously mentioned “Nirvana”.

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