Oriental style: What are the best furniture options?

There are several key differences in oriental furniture of which the rest of occidental people aren’t accustomed to. When you access an occidental house, you enter with shoes, although there’s a specific type of ground, or perhaps you eat on a four-legged table, sitting on chairs.

The biggest difference between oriental people, such as Japanese, and occidental people, such as Spanish, is that they sleep and eat on the floor, and they take off their shoes at the entrance for avoiding dirt and stains. Besides, its furniture is known principally for being very short and resting directly on the floor, the table doesn’t count with legs.

Japanese environments aren’t very loaded, meaning that space and amplitude are taken into account. Japanese tend to let a lot of zones uncovered and free.

However, for increased comfort, the Japanese use small cushions and futons, which are big mattresses with a platform below them placed directly on the floor. Japanese tend to sleep on these futons that can be folded and stored somewhere the following day. This allows the use of. that specific room.

Japanese are also quite reserved in terms of space; its dining room is found in their bedroom. Once the futon is stored below the floor, a hole in that same floor gives way to a table to eat.

One of the most wonderful things about a voyage to Japan is enjoying a completely Japanese experience by establishing yourselves at a Ryokan for at least a night. In this type of hotel, you’ll experience a traditional Japanese life; eating and sleeping in the same room and getting to observe its marvelous structure and organization of the household.

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