Bonsais: the key piece of japanese interior design

The word “Bonsai” has a literal meaning of planted in a pot and it is due to its initiation in China, back when there where horticultural practices going on.

Subsequently, its plantation was developed under japanese Zen budism during more than a hundred of years. China introduced the art of cultivating trees inside pots, during that timealso known as containers, to Japan. Although the Bonsai’s origins start on China, many of the techniques used nowadays for its plantation and its care were developed in antique Japan.

You might be thinking: ¿How does a Bonsai look like? ¿How can you maintain one? In the following article these questions will be assessed and carefully responded and, by the end of the report, you’ll understand how wonderful these small trees are.

Bonsais are formed by a small trunk surrounded by long and tiny roots. Through its stem we can observe different branches that come out of it, from which soft leaves and of a greenish color grow up. Curiously, these aren’t a species of trees very small as any other tree could be used for its development on a garden.

¿How can this be achieved? The majority of Bonsais don’t grow taller than a meter, determining that plants with small leaves adapt in a better way to the form of these new trees. If the quantity of necessary fertilizer is applied and a low capacity of nutrients is maintained, plants can be developed and give way to Bonsais.

The key for maintaining a Bonsai in a garden is being cautious with its foliage and the ground’s humidity that’s found in. Once the ground starts to dry, some water should be applied to the Bonsai and then left again for its existence. This way Bonsais won’t flood or rot, despite the fact that they have delicate roots and they tend to die due to lack of oxygenation. It is highly recommended to keep a Bonsai in an area where the sun and air can touch it, just as rain and humidity can.

Lastly, bonsais aren’t little plants, otherwise they are small trees who have their own characteristics and functions but in miniature. This tree can flourish and bear fruit just as others.

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