Flats for sale in El Maresme and Barcelona

We offer you a selection of flats and appartments for sale in Barcelona city and El Maresme. In addition to being able to offer you to buy magnificent houses in Maresme in cities, towns, coastal and mountain areas, such as houses with gardens, houses with swimming pool, villas with sea views, etc. We can also offer you a wide range of high standing flats and flats for sale in residential areas of first residence that have a quiet and familiar environment that undoubtedly provide a great quality of life. Or if you wish, tell us your preferences and we will offer you a personalised “off market” service.

Flats and appartments

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REF. 01717
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Luxury flat in Diagonal Mar, Barcelona

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REF. 01656
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Duplex apartment located in the centre of Alella.

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REF. 01584
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Penthouse for dinner with the Sagrada Familia

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Buy a flat or appartment in Maresme or Barcelona

Take a look at our suggestions if you want to buy a flat or flat in the best areas of Barcelona city, you can also see these fantastic houses for sale in Barcelona, or call us on (+34) 935 408 161 if you would like us to show you more alternatives.

You can also buy your flat or flat in one of the beautiful towns of El Maresme such as Alella, Premià, El Masnou, LLavaneres,… where you can find quiet homes close to excellent marinas and sports facilities including golf courses, with all imaginable services and excellent communications with the city of Barcelona.

Piso duplex para alquilar en Alella con piscia
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