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Discover the Enso Method

Our 360º sales method combines an entire team with more than 30 years of experience and the “ENSO” samurai circle that seeks total harmony and mutual loyalty that allows us to achieve even the impossible. Whatever it takes.

With HJAPÓN’s exclusive triple customization of product, service and customer and the “TAKUMI” philosophy of searching for perfection and real estate excellence, as well as a large select group of contacts interested in buying luxury properties.

All this with a personalized and unique Marketing and Advertising Strategy in our country designed so that your sale is made successfully. With advertisements in the press and magazines, campaigns in the best real estate portals, outdoor advertising, direct marketing, as well as extensive collaboration with the best media.

Samurai Honor Pact

A sales accelerator with guaranteed success

HJAPÓN also offers you the possibility of signing a “Samurai Honor Pact” of mutual loyalty and commitment that guarantees an exclusive exceptional real estate service, a preferential customization of product, service and client and a marketing and sales strategy designed 100% to your needs. extent. A formula that only exists in HJAPAN and where an element that accelerates the sale of luxury properties is achieved with guaranteed success. With a focus of resources and efforts based on the needs of each client.

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