Spectacular transformation of a luxury estate in Alella

We had a client request to find a great property for sale, either in Ibiza or an avant-garde estate in Alella. This was not an easy task; it involved our team modifying the various options and even raised the opportunity of searching for the plot itself on which to build this dream home.

The experience of the construction team was also an important factor when conducting our search as we pride ourselves on our efficiency at HJAPON, and so we expanded our search to include exclusive, existing estates that could be renovated and transformed into a modern, charming property with a cutting-edge design.

Now was the crucial moment for us; what would the client prefer? A plot on which to construct their dream home, or an existing house that could be transformed to comply with their wishes?

One must take into consideration here that Alella is a town that is proximate to Barcelona and where the population have a high purchasing power and high income per capita. Upon considering this information, one can observe that the price of land for construction of detached-family houses is at an average of €350,000 in the mountain areas, €1 million for a plot area of 1000m² in an exclusive, residential neighbourhood, and around €1.5 million for a plot area of 1600m² in the high-end neighbourhoods of Alella. If we were to add the cost of building permits, architectural firm costs and the cost of construction, the final price for a completed luxury estate would be around €3 million. It was vital that we considered and talked over the issue of cost with the client so as to find the best option for them.

In our catalogue of properties for sale in Alella, we found some options that could comply with the requirements set by the client. At the end, one of the exclusive estates met one of the main requirements put forward that also exceeded the final budget. In this case, we also recommend to our client the possibility of renovating an existing home with one of the architectural firms. This architectural firm was able to capture the wishes of the client and began an impressive, renovation project where client involvement and customization was important, encouraged and fun.

During the process, typical problems arose that would be expected from a renovation project. Several meetings were organised, and client involvement and observation were instrumental in order to achieve a top-quality result.

A classic-styled house was transformed into one with a unique, cutting-edge design that had all the latest technologies of the 21st century that sought to improve energy consumption. This included the use of insulation materials, storage and utilisation of rainwater for the garden’s irrigation system and the swimming pool maintenance, LED lighting with chromotherapy that allowed the colour to change depending on the atmosphere, additionally with this being used for the pool area so as to minimize consumption costs and producing a unique effect.

Moreover, the garden that surrounds the entire house included plant species native to the area, as well as a charming, Japanese-style Zen garden that offers a sense of harmony and balance between the various garden areas; thus minimising excessive consumption.

Now, our client has the assurance and satisfaction of knowing that their investment has not just been good, but excellent. The end result is spectacular, and so we invite you to view the gallery of images provided by the architectural firm, that carried out this unbelievable renovation and transformation.

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