Building process of a luxury villa at Spain

This time, at HJAPÓN, we were asked to find a piece of land where to build a designer luxury house in Barcelona, with breathtaking views of the sea and near some international school. This customer wanted to live in a sober residential complex no more far away than 20 minutes from Barcelona, but good enough to build a large luxury villa on it.

This was not an easy job, but after some months of searching we found a piece of land in Alella that fulfilled the requirements: it was near the Hamelin international school, there were awe-inspiring views onto the sea, it was near the town centre and just 15 minutes away by car from the centre of Barcelona.

On the other hand, the piece of land was pretty sloping, thus making the building process more difficult. Our client had to choose: he might have to drop some of his main requirements due to the sloping piece of land, but the location was the best it could be for the villa. After giving some thought to the matter, our clients decided to buy the piece of land with incredible views onto the sea in el Maresme.

The recommended architects by HJAPÓN were up to the highest standards and knew how to convey trust and dedication to this unique and beautiful project. After lots of meetings, sketches and preliminary studies they decided to build a Modern and Avant-garde style house, the views onto the sea being the key point for this exclusive property.

Once everything was decided we moved onto the paperwork for the building to begin. The project development, the building permit, the city hall permits, the power and water supply and the recruitment of personnel for the building.

The project implementation was excellent, and although there were some difficulties, everything was eventually sorted out in a professional way, always following the client desires. This agreement between the client and our team was key for the success of the building, the finishes, the styles, the different combinations… everything went as planned.

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