Building an exclusive villa in Maresme, Spain

This time at HJAPÓN, we have a client interested in buying a high-end property that is well-connected to downtown Barcelona. After taking advantage of their visit to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, our client decided to visit some properties that our exclusive real estate agency of HJAPÓN manages onMaresme’s coast.

Our personalised service began at the reception of a hotel in Barcelona where the client trusted us to organise viewings of upscale properties for sale, pre-selected based on the clients requirements.

The types of properties with regards to budget and location proved to be a difficult task; our client hoped to find an easier way of finding their dream house in Barcelona.

After several viewings of different properties for sale in Alella, Tiana and Teia, our client changed his search criteria; now the client was interested in a plot inBarcelona where they could construct the dream house.

The location was easy to find based on the pre-requisites. Maresme, where on the one hand, it would be the closest to downtown Barcelona where the client could enjoy the services and amenities of the city. On the other hand, as it was located 15 minutes away from downtown Barcelona, there was the opportunity to be away from the hustle and bustle and noise of the city, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and nature.

On this occasion, the client found the architectural firm and all the industry services required for building this little paradise near to Barcelona. The project was very personal and completed to the client’s taste; the architects were able to capture perfectly the idea of this dream home, and worked with each other with regards to the choice of materials, distributions, and even landscaping of the surroundings.

Additionally, the execution of the project was a success as it resulted in a beautiful, charming location where nature and serenity were in abundance. The materials used are crucial, such as the front door of the house which was an old wooden door restored by the same carpenter that restored the Batlló house of Antonio Gaudí, or the old wooden beams recovered from the ancient African railway wagons. This spectacular luxury home has received the ‘NAN Construction’ award for being one of the best residential buildings in Spain, and has been published in various prestigious, international magazines.

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