An exclusive estate with incredible views of Barcelona

New successful addition to our well-known DREAM HOME PROJECT BARCELONA section.

On this particular occasion it was the question of finding a client with a wide knowledge of the real estate sector, who together with our experience in residential construction, was able to see the opportunity that was put before their eyes.

The house was structurally sound but abandoned, the building permits were finalized, and once again the process began of speaking with a municipal architect to propose new ideas, to update the situation, etc. In short, additional work to ensure this incredible return in profits.

After holding several meetings with various interest groups, it was an international client who chose to acquire this incredible opportunity and complete this villa to his liking, with the intention of making it his home. This was a family who recently arrived in Barcelona for work reasons, and wanted to stay to enjoy this great city, but away from the hustle and bustle.

Our clients are experts in decorating homes. They have a large team of architects, , interior designers, builders, and all manner of industrialists related to the exquisite luxury real-estate world. They designed and searched for everything they would need to make their dream come true in Barcelona.

What started off as an abandoned building began to take shape, and in this way, took on the character that today makes it one of the finest houses in Cabrils, on the coast of Maresme in Spain.

It became an exclusive high-end mansion with top-quality fittings and with breath-taking views of the seaside and the city of Barcelona, enjoyed by one lucky family from the comfort of their rooms in this exquisite property. A perfect match.

The satisfaction of our customers is our satisfaction. Our Japanese philosophy allows us to achieve success in a transparent and loyal way, as carried out by the ancient Samurais of Japan when serving their feudal lord.

The word Samurai means “to serve or the one who serves”. If you wish, we are at your service to find or sell your property; it will be an honour to work for you. The Mediterranean Samurai.

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