A unique sensational luxury property

In this edition, we have collaborated with the fantastic firm Inusualdisseny from Barcelona.

Jordi Canora and Genís Solé have been at the helm to carry out the renovation and extension process of this sensational luxury estate in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres. This exquisite home is a one of its kind for its exclusivity, location, sense of privacy and quality.

Estado actual de la vivienda.

The initial changes were carried out to make the most of the natural surroundings and the extensive plot. As such we have seen the enlargement of the dining room and bedroom suite, doubling its height and opening the dining area to the well-maintained garden.

Antes y después.


Impresionante propuesta inspiración.

We have envisioned a contemporary-designed gazebo in the garden that allows for one to truly enjoy the pleasant weather. Additionally, we have thought of putting in an additional lane to the swimming pool to overlook the seaside.

Antes y después – Proyecto

Inspiración diseño

As for the landscaping of the house, we have decided to preserve the marvellous state that the estate is in, only enlarging the dining area to open into the garden more so as to give it more character and bring in a little more greenery into the interiors, whilst increasing the height of the space itself for more breathing room. With regards to the dining area, a majestic designer staircase has been designed in the central space, connecting this area directly with the terrace of the master suite that would occupy the first floor entirely.

Propuesta de diseño e inspiración

Diseño propuesta escalera central.

Both the dining area and the terrace of the suite have been designed with glass to amplify the space and light with the other rooms of the house.

Grandes cristaleras – Propuesta diseño master suite.

In the outdoor dining and gazebo area, plans have been made to put in a porch decorated with fabrics and a walkway that would connect both areas of the veranda through the extra lane added to the swimming pool.

Regarding the actual materials to use in the renovation process on the exteriors, the main thing kept in mind was to create a harmony and blend in to the surrounding nature – wood, water, native vegetation and stone.

With regards on the interiors, the architectural firm Inusualdisseny has put forward, in their designs, more contemporary and natural materials and styles. What has always remained at the forefront of the entire process is what would result in the highest level of comfort and function for the clientele so that they may enjoy fully this sensational grand home on the northern coast of Barcelona.

All in all, this is an amazing investment opportunity to purchase an incredible high-end property on the coast of Maresme.

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