A new development of contemporary-design in Cabrils| Neighbourhood of Montcabrer


In this occasion we are proud to present a new and contemporary-design estate in the charming town of Cabrils, specifically in the neighbourhood of Montcabrer; right in the heart of the coast of Maresme.

This unique and stupendous development is brand-new, carried out by a team of top architects in conjunction with the Promoter.

In order to carry out this project, only the best materials were used; technically appropriate and gorgeous to top it all off. All of this was done with the aim of guaranteeing a natural and comfortable ambience.

Space, design and functionality were key when it came to the design of this home, and the interiors match that of the exteriors.




With regards to interiors, HJAPÓN is of the belief that it should be personalised to the client’s tastes, whilst also being elegant and exclusive. Our aim as a real-estate firm is to offer our clients the maximum attention and support.

The property can be said as following a more expressive and sculptural design that is organic in nature. The spectacular and sublime front facade has a white finish that stands in contrast with the large black glass panels that set apart the top and bottom floors. The lighting was also important, and was successfully designed by introducing large windows throughout the house.

Additionally, in order to maximise on the views of the Mediterranean Sea and mountains the architects included large terraces and brought in the large windows to create a more transparent and fluid nature between the inside and outside; creating a more clean and modern essence whilst bringing aspects of the surrounding nature into the property.

A special mention should also be made to the 1000m² garden that includes a swimming pool from where to take advantage of the sublime weather, which sees more than 3000 hours of sun a year. This is the ideal location in which to relax and be in touch with nature.

This project is unique, and has aimed to emphasis on its modern architecture, as well as integrating the gorgeous surroundings. As well as being located next to the beach and renowned marinas, it is also only a few minutes from the centre of Barcelona.

Without a doubt, this is a sensational development that can be seen as luxurious, high-end, charming, and modern.

If you wish to find out more information then don’t hesitate to contact us on 935408161, or alternatively, send us an email at

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