In HJAPÓN Luxury real estate in Barcelona we advice you in the necessary proceeding for buying and renting apartments, flats, houses and luxury properties in Spain.


Amount paid with prior agreement with the owner to stop the selling property and agree a timeframe to realize an earnest Money contract, normally the time frame is not more than 7 days but will depend of every particular case and of the amount deposited. This amount will be automatically a deposit, for the Deposit agreement.

Deposit Agreement

Is the most widely used type contract. The amount paid is usually a 10% of the final price of the house and a firm commitment to purchase and sale between the two parts. In this contract has to appear the property amount, the end date the same resulting in the deed of sale and the details of the property with the log check property. If finally it’s not realized the purchase by part of the seller, you are entitled to receive the double of the amount given, if you decide to not buy you will lose all the amount paid.

Deed Of Sale

Its required the selling property in a Notary, which allows to make the purchase with the appropriate checks and so it can be enroll in the land registry. In this process the buyer has to pay the amount of Money agreed discounting the payments on account given.

Documentation And Expenses

From HJAPÓN Luxury real estate in Barcelona, the costs in relation to the buyer in taxes under Spanish law, are approximately of a 9% and have to be paid in the notary by the remaining outstanding balance of the property. Its necessary the DNI o passport in order. For foreign people, is indispensable to have in the moment of the writing the NIE in rule, which is the number of the identifying foreign people. From HJAPÓN we provide the booking contract and pledge to speed up the processing of the NIE. From HJAPÓN we always advise our customers, to be advised by a lawyer, which speak English or French, which will advise fully in the process of buying and selling a home.

Renting Process

Amount you pay for the property and to agree a term, for realize the renting contract of properties. The corresponding amount is equivalent to one month’s rent, which becomes a bail at the time to do the renting contract.

Renting Contract Of Properties

In the renting contract of properties of long term, the duration is of one year, can be extended for a period of 3 years. After the first year if the tenant does not wish to continue with the lease, will have to make a written notice, with 30 days advanced and the contract will be finished. There’s the possibility to do a temporal renting contract which cannot be more than 11 months.

Expenditures For The Tenant

The expenses which will have to pay the future tenant is the current month (one month) and the bond, which will be of one month, if there is no furniture or of two months if there is furniture. Depending in the estate and the type of property, the owner can ask for a deposit or for banks guarantee, to guarantee the rent and against any damage, caused in the property for reasons attributable to the tenant. It is also possible to ask for payment guarantees as an employment contract, payroll or show the bank account income. The fees for an estate agency, for rent a property, is a 10% from an annual rent plus the VAT at the time of making the renting contract. To know the fee for renting temporal contracts or any other doubts please contact us.

Necessary Documents

You need to have a bank account in Spain, to domicile the renting payments and supply of water, gas, electricity and telephone. You also have to provide the ID card, Passport or NIE, which is the identification number for foreigners. It is also advisable to have a home insurance, for possible damage.

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