Are you looking to buy luxury flats and houses in Paseo de Gracia and Eixample? These are ideal places as a first or second home if you want to enjoy the city of Barcelona from its own heart, where the atmosphere is authentic and the architectural wonders found there never cease to amaze.

At HJapan, we have duplex flats, modern villas, townhouses, luxury flats and a countless list of exclusive properties at your disposal.

Why buy luxury flats and houses in Paseo de Gracia and Eixample?

Paseo de Gracia and Eixample have a long list of advantages for living. Being in the centre of the city means you can easily move to any other area. In addition, you will not miss services of different kinds: gastronomic, educational, leisure, tourist… The amenities of the area are only matched by the comfort of the luxury flats to buy that we offer.

The views over this part of the city will also amaze you thanks to the main architectural interests of the area.

What can you find in Paseo de Gracia and Eixample?

-Transport. Bus, train and metro, as well as the ease of finding a taxi, will allow you to move from Paseo de Gracia and Eixample to any other part of Barcelona.

-Schools and institutes. Some of the most distinguished in the city. You can also find other types of schools, such as music schools and schools for adults, among others.

-Gastronomic offer. The best restaurants are to be found in the area. Eixample is home to the most traditional, while Paseo de Gracia has the most luxurious.

-Luxury brands. Haute couture brands, for example, can be found on Paseo de Gracia.

-Cultural interests. Casa Batlló, Casa Amatller or Casa Lleó Morera, in Passeig de Gràcia, or Casa Terrada, in Eixample.

You can enjoy all these advantages when buying a luxury flat or house in Paseo de Gracia or Eixample.

Buying luxury flats and houses in Paseo de Gracia and Eixample: for whom?

For people who wish to live in the most beautiful and cosmopolitan area of Barcelona, who enjoy the atmosphere of the big city in all its splendour. Families interested in the cultural interest of the centre and who wish to have all kinds of services for their children within walking distance. Couples who enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife.


Our professional ethics have accompanied our clients for more than 30 years. If you are looking to buy luxury flats and houses in Paseo de Gracia and Eixample, we will make your wish our duty.

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