Schools and colleges in Alella

If you are thinking of buying a house in Alella, you are probably worried about your children’s education. Well, don’t worry, Alella has magnificent public and public schools for the education of your children at any stage.

If you like, let’s start with the youngest.

Nurseries in Alella

Escuela Infantil Vailets is a private nursery school (0-3 years) located at Carrer del Cedres 10, Alella. The price of Escuela Infantil Vailets is between 300 and 700€ per month per pupil.

Av dels Cedres, 10,  Alella
Tel. 606 08 51 32

Escola Bressol El campanar is a private, secular, co-educational nursery school. It is in the price range of between €300 and €700 and follows a generic educational model, with Catalan as the vehicular language.

Plaça de l’Església, 6, Alella
Tel. 606 08 51 32

Escuela Infantil Chiaravalle School Maresme is a private nursery school (0-6 years) located in. provide our students with an education with alternative systems Waldorf, Montessori, that inspires children to be autonomous, creative and emotionally intelligent.

Our vision is to guide the development of future generations to achieve a more conscious, caring and just society. Language: Catalan, Spanish and English. The price of Chiaravalle School Maresme Nursery School is between €300 and €700 per month per pupil.

Carrer Verdaguer, 6, Alella

Teléfono: 615 31 68 92
Escola la Serreta. Public school for infant education (3 to 6 years) and primary education. It opened its doors on 7 September 2010.
Carrer de Núria, 26-28, Alella
Tel. 935 40 64 27
Llar d’Infants Municipal Els Pinyons is a public nursery school. Catalan as a vehicular language. Spanish and English

Avinguda del Bosquet 5, Alella

Tel. 648240629

Schools in Alella

Santa Maria del Pino. Private, trilingual school located in the centre but at the same time away from the town and the noise. It offers a very modern educational project. It is in the price range of between 300 and 700€. Spanish and Catalan are the vehicular languages. School transport, extended morning and afternoon timetable, dining room and extracurricular activities.

Carrer Riera Coma Clara, 19, Alella
Tel. 935 55 44 11

Hamelin-Laie International School. 100% trilingual educational centre with a wide and comprehensive offer. It offers classes from the first level of infants to the 2nd year of baccalaureate, in the modalities of Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences.

English, Catalan and Spanish form part of the school’s vehicular languages, with special emphasis on integrated teaching methodologies. In other words, classes are taught in all three languages in core and optional subjects. It has an excellent programme of extracurricular activities. Initially, it was in Alella, but moved to Montgat.

Ronda 8 de Març 178, 08390, Montgat, Barcelona

Tel. 935 55 67 17

Escola Fabra. A public school inaugurated in 1935, in the midst of the Republic, it has always been a point of reference in the local area. For many years, in order to meet the demand for schooling, the school has had to be distributed in three buildings, one of them, the village building, quite far from the other two. It follows a generic educational model, with Catalan as its vehicular language.

Among its services, it has extended morning and afternoon opening hours, canteen, AMPA and extracurricular activities.

Av. del Bosquet, 1 – 08328 Alella
Tel. 935 55 78 03

High schools in Alella

The aim of the Alella secondary school is to achieve the best possible quality in the education of the young people of Alella. It is a Catalan, non-denominational, secular, non-sexist, participatory school that embraces the principles and values of integration, solidarity and respect for people and the environment; open to initiatives aimed at improving education and human relations.

The Alella secondary school was founded in 1987 as an extension of the Institut Mediterrani de El Masnou to serve the towns of Alella and Teià. The current building was officially inaugurated in October 1995. It is possible to study ESO, Baccalaureate (scientific, technological, social and humanistic modalities), a Formative Cycle of Medium Grade of Commercial Activities and the Higher Cycle of Advertising and Marketing.

For some years now, they have also been offering training and insertion programmes (PFI), aimed at young people between 16 and 21 years of age who have not completed secondary education.

Av. del Bosquet, 7, Alella
Tel. 935 40 31 10

Alella, good education and high quality of life

If you are thinking of buying a house in Alella, as you can see, you have a wide educational offer for all ages, both public and private. Alella not only offers you a quiet life, close to the beach and the marina of El Masnou, whether you want to live in the centre of the town or in one of its magnificent urbanisations, but your children can study at any stage without leaving the town.

See Alella. A magnificent place to live

In our real estate in Alella, you will find the most select catalogue of houses for sale in Alella, both in the village and in the best urbanisations, such as Can Teixidó. If you want more information about houses for sale in Alella, call us on (+34) 935 408 161 and we will inform you without obligation.

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