HJAPÓN inmobiliaria exclusiva en el portal web Diario Emprendedores.

Showcasing the new sales initiative of the “Dream Home Project Barcelona”

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The inauguration of the Puerto Premiá Marina is set to be at the beginning of 2018

The commercial area of Puerto de Premiá is expected to receive 200,000 visitors

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Competitive luxury real-estate market in Maresme

Maresme; the destination of choice for investors in the luxury real-estate market

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Do you wish to receive the Golden Visa in Barcelona, Spain easily?

We proudly present excellent housing offers that you cannot refuse

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“Mediterranean Samurai” cuisine at the Grup Balfegó in Barcelona

The “Tunateca Balfegó Espacio Gastronómico” exclusive to bluefin tuna .

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HJAPON presents its ‘Dream Home Project ‘ initiative on Radio Internacional

Marcelo Japón, director of HJAPÓN, is interviewed in the programme ‘Gente Ni Hao’

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HJAPÓN Vip Style Magazine

HJAPÓN in various media outlets

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The Mediterranean Samurais of HJAPÓN featured in Europa Press

‘Dream Home Project’; an initiative to increase the value of a property

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In Barcelona, the sale of luxury properties will increase by 20%

75% of those buying high-end homes are foreign owners

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Unique opportunity to own a villa with D.O. Alella certification

Charming property with wine cellar; ideal for a Californian-style wine club

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